Tinians Celebrate their GastronomyTinos Food Paths is a gastronomic festival that was organized this year for the second year running. “It’s not just for our island, it’s a personal need, it’s not just a product for sale, it’s a journey and an experience, even for us,” say the organizers, and you know what? That’s exactly what those who were invited felt.

The Tinians demonstrated their generosity and the desire for sharing. They told us their concerns and thoughts. They showed us what they make and shared the stage with amateurs. They fed us local delicacies, gourmet products and delicious dishes. They taught us how to love their blessed land. Several days later, the memory remains alive.

The Tinians are productive. They farm, raise animals and fish. They always have. In recent years, they’ve become innovative: bread with anise, small Cycladic cheeses, local rusks, pungent kopanisti and Tinian gruyere, artichoke in vinaigrette, honey and bread and rustic local wines from Potamisia and Koumarianou.

It’s hard to find the unique Tinian blue cheese, kariki, outside the island, nor the sweet, misshapen tomatoes, the asparagus or the jellies made by the local butchers on the island. Other inspiring flavors: Nissos beer from the Cyclades Microbrewery, wines from the local Assyrtiko, Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis grape varieties of Tinian vineyards, the newly-cultivated Malagouzia of the Volacus winery, peppery gruyere cheese of the cheesemaker San Lorenzo, artichoke paté, artichokes with garlic, and other goodies from Doulapi tis Yiayias (Grandma’s pantry), along with wonderfulhandmade soaps made from Tinian raw materials by Ena Karo.

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